The best way to both amuse and frustrate oneself on a roadtrip? Rush Limbaugh Radio

I only wished I had discovered it earlier in the trip.  My husband and I were driving back from a wedding last weekend and started listening to Rush Limbaugh about 4 hours into the drive.  Everyone has heard of this man with only a few that actually listen to him.  I never listened to the man before, and I must say, this was a first time treat.  I can’t remember the last thing I have listened to or watched that caused me to both laugh out of amusement and yell out of frustration within only a minute or two of each emotion.

Limbaugh has that effect on you.  I’m a normo-tensive person, BP 110/70’s on every check-up, but I’m sure if I listened to him regularly, I would need Coreg within 6 months.  At the same time, what he says is so ridiculous at times that you can’t help but laugh.  He’s a smart man.  You can tell by the way he talks, and the words he uses that he has a good vocabulary; he’s just so partisan that logic for him is only an abstract concept learned in a college course years ago.

He talked about prosperity and how teenagers think there’s none left for them anymore since the liberals are very pessimistic, doom and gloom.  That teens aren’t getting the message that hard work leads to prosperity and then that was a segway into Ashton Kutcher’s politics, and Kutcher’s Teen Choice speech that Rush felt was inspirational for teens.  The above was a giant run-on sentence simulation of the radio show I heard.  I don’t want to take Rush out of context since I listened to this almost a week ago, but trust me, I listened to him “in context,” and it didn’t make a difference.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t dislike the man.  I have no reason to as I don’t know him personally.  I believe he is a well-intentioned person who believes everything he says.  I just have a hard time understanding how a reasonably intelligent person can say or believe such things.  (And, both sides of the fence do this kind of thing: democrats and republicans).  I just don’t get it.  I guess that’s why I self-identify as “moderate” politically.

Anyway, Limbaugh’s point during his talk show was that teenagers don’t think that hard work can lead to prosperity or success since nobody is telling them it can.  He says that liberals are more pessimistic about opportunity, etc, and Rush urges people to break the mold.  Rush urged people (like his Steve Jobs analogy) to work hard and not to believe other people are smarter than them (Except: Jobs was a really, really smart guy, and very few people are smarter than he was.  Not many people, including very intelligent people, could have done what Jobs did).

I appreciate that Limbaugh wanted to encourage people to do their best and try for success, but he went about it the wrong way, giving people false hope.  Success is going to be different for each person.  We all don’t have the same gifts, so we all can’t be millionaires.  Some people are smarter than other people, and that’s just the way it is.  Nothing wrong with that.  If one person isn’t intelligent, they have other gifts that they can use, and our differences and more specifically, our difference in abilities, are what draws us to different occupations.  Intelligence isn’t usually the only thing driving material success anyway; many intelligent people have no interest in power, prestige, fame, or money.  Material success isn’t what is most important anyway.  At least, that is my perspective.

I will now close with a quasi-quote heard during a commercial break.  “And does anybody else think that the decrease in gun violence is due to an increase in gun ownership?”  I think this was supposed to be an advertisement for another show he would be doing since that’s all Rush said.  (Not an exact quote since this was a week ago.  Either way, the point was the same).

But, in unison, like two peas in a pod, both I and my husband laughed for at least a full minute.  Not only was it a ridiculous statement, but it just came out of nowhere.  In fact, I think I was half falling asleep at the time (No, I was not behind the wheel).  So, the timing, of course, adds to the hilarity of the moment.  I learned something new on that road trip.  I’m going to purposefully listen to Rush Limbaugh, and bring Taylor Swift CDs with me on all road trips.  Though both make me smile, one of the two makes me smile, laugh, and rant, practically all at the same time.  And, that makes all of the difference when you’re on your 5th or 6th hour of endless flat highway, exit signs, and forest monotony.


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