The Duck man is wrong, and there are bigger fish to fry

So, I guess you could say I took a sabbatical from rambling.  I’m back, and Merry Christmas!  Now, on with the midnight rant.  I took a little nap earlier, and so, I completely messed up my sleep cycle.  Laundry it is, and apparently, rambling/venting to an otherwise likely asleep or apathetic audience.  (Or, really, really ticked if you’re a Duck Dynasty fan).

So, here goes.  The title of my post.  Pretty much, I’m saying that I don’t care (the bigger fish to fry part) and it really shouldn’t be uber important to anyone.  Here’s why.  It’s a show.  Entertainment value only.  Serves no other purpose.  While the family in Duck Dynasty may do charity work (I have no idea as I haven’t seen it and really don’t care), nobody is being healed or otherwise cared for as a direct result of the show.  What we should really care about is…..pretty much anything else.   I’m not telling you how to feel, though it’s probably coming across that way.  Re-word lest I offend someone and lose my contract with….well, nobody because I don’t make lots of money doing pretty much nothing for a living.

What I’m saying is that I’m much more concerned about the patients that I care for that won’t make it home for Christmas or New Year’s Day for that matter.  In fact, some might not ever make it home at all.  I think about them and what they are going through.  I’m not undermining the importance of freedom of speech here, just saying that things like Duck Dynasty, the Chick-Fil-A thing, the dude on Grey’s Anatomy that got fired a few years ago for the same thing….gets blown way out of proportion relative to the actual problems going on in the world.  If our society (speaking of America specifically here) is more outspoken about a self-proclaimed red neck getting suspended for one comment than being outspoken about many girls being forced into sex slavery all over the globe, there’s something wrong.  That makes me sad, angry, etc. (Insert any negative emotion here).

Most of us have so much we can give and offer to others (I mean those that are well both physically and emotionally).  And, I’m not saying that those people that are upset about the Duck Dynasty issue don’t care about other people.  Please don’t misunderstand.  I think it’s good to have an opinion and stick up for other people who state their beliefs and stick to them.  A good thing.  Just not good if that becomes the focus to the exclusion of other issues.

I think I made that clear.  Moving on….as to what the Duck Dynasty patriach, as he’s affectionately called, said.  I read his comments.  Granted, I read them on various news sources, so they may be taken out of context (which is why I read a few to compare/contrast).  The issue I have with what he said?  It’s simply not true.  Well, it’s sort of true.  The Bible does speak about homosexuality, prostitution, etc; this is true.  However, he said that they won’t “inherit the kingdom of God.”  Drunkards, homosexuals, prostitutes won’t inherit the kingdom of God according to the Duck man.  False.

The Bible isn’t a “let’s look up a passage on homosexuality and see what God thinks about it” kind of book.  It’s not a “I’m really feeling depressed; let me google a passage where God speaks about loneliness and see what he thinks.”  Not how it’s supposed to be, but that’s how many people use the Bible.  I’ve done it.  We’ve all probably done it, but that’s not the intended use.  God wants us to understand Him and our relationship with Him by understanding the entirety of the Bible, the whole thing in context.  It’s a tricky thing, the Bible.  There are many difficult concepts, sayings, etc, and I’m no expert.  I have just learned from those wiser than myself how NOT to read the Bible or how to NOT interpret it.

How the Duck man interpreted the Bible is wrong.  God loves the prostitutes, drunkards, and homosexuals  (I’m not trying to be indignant here, just summarizing what he said).  ((Homosexuality isn’t an act or a choice like prostitution and drinking are (though those aren’t always choices either), but homosexuality just is)). And there is a spot for them in the kingdom.  Saying that I or the Duck man are somehow better than the prostitute, drunkard, or homosexual is not true, and definitely not what God says.  When you start to think that you really understand God, have everything together, you become what’s called self-righteous.  This leads to feeling like you don’t need God and you judge others (another really wise person, a pastor, explained that last bit about how self-righteousness happens, which leads to less love for God and others.  Not good.  This is what many non-Christians don’t like about Christians, and I can’t say that I blame them.  (Not all Christians are self-righteous by any means, but the ones that get media attention, usually are, generally speaking, of course).  God wants us to love others, help them, have empathy for them when appropriate, and so self-righteousness is exactly the opposite of God’s purpose for us.

In summary, (I’m starting to fade now…yay!, and who says in summary?)  Anyway, in summary….(and don’t even get me started on what the Duck man said about African Americans in the South prior to Jim Crow.  That’s also false.  I’m all about free speech, but those in the limelight need to be especially careful of what they say and how they say it)…Anyway, in summary…..I am no Bible expert by any means, but what was said by the Duck man was wrong.  God loves His children, all of His children.  Apparently, the Duck man didn’t sing “Jesus loves the little children/they are precious in his sight/ Jesus loves the little children of the world.”  (No, I’m not a universalist.  It’s clearly time to end this post and get some zzzzz’s).  Good night all!


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