Hi everyone!   My name is Ella Nutella*, and I’m a critical care nurse by day,** and all of the other usual things by night.  I find direct patient care and easing the anxiety of patients and families very rewarding.   I love spending time with my hubby, family, and friends, and visit my fam’ as much as possible.  We have 1 cat that is surprisingly loving and adorable (didn’t think cats could be this awesome), and we’re excited to start our family soon (I am pregnant; yay!) since E, as I will call my husband on here, recently found a good, permanent job (was doing contract work, which, as you know, by definition, has a start and end date).  Best of luck to you if you are looking for employment.  It is tough out there right now, and most of us have been impacted by this economy in some way, whether directly or indirectly.  The thing about life is that there will most certainly be difficult times, but it makes one all the more appreciative for the good times.

I have found that I really enjoy writing, and putting my thoughts onto a page.  My blog is not a focused blog, that is to say, I’m not posting recipes or ways to become a better cook (though if I had tips, I’d give them to you).  Nursing may be infused throughout my posts, but I will also be writing about my opinions on controversial topics, current events of interest to me, and religion at times.  Guess I’m writing about all of the things they tell you to avoid discussing.  I believe the things that they say we should avoid discussing are usually the ones that are most worthy of discussion.  Though I am primarily writing for writing’s sake, I do enjoy hearing others’ opinions, so if you would like to share your views on an issue, please comment or send me a message.

*Ella Nutella is my pen name as I didn’t want to divulge everything about me on the world wide web.  Why Ella Nutella?  I like the name Ella, and Nutella just happened to rhyme.  Who doesn’t like Nutella?  Oh, what the heck?   If someone wanted to figure out who I was, it wouldn’t be that hard anyway.  My name’s Alison, but you can call me either, as both names are nice.  “What’s in a name?”  (That might be the only line of Shakespeare I know, though I’m trying to read more classics.  It turns out that classics are classics for a reason).

** I was a critical care nurse by night, and am now one by day.  Loving day life, feel rested, and get to see my husband regularly now.  For those that don’t work in healthcare, night shift is typically what is available on job searches, and you get day shift by seniority, and it usually takes a while since there’s usually not a lot of movement on a day rotation.


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